We would like to sincerely thank everyone who helps us make an impact and be a beacon of light in the community.

Thank You To Our Loyal Supporters

We would like to Thank HIDDEN HARVEST for your kind support. Your additional help with donations are greatly appreciated by many in the community

Troop #755 donates to mission
"To the Editor: The Helping Hands Outreach Mission of Beaverton would like to thank Boy Scout Troop #755 and Scout Leader Daryl Parker for the donation of over 500 miscellaneous food items collected during their recent "Scouting For Food" drive.
This donation has helped to add stock to our food pantry, so we can continue to provide food to local people in need.

Thank you,
Helping Hands Outreach Mission of Beaverton


Thank You to Dow Community Outreach Team for the donation of personal care items.
Thank you Flower Scents for the beautiful flower arrangements you have been giving us.